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Genre: Future Jazz music Contemporary Jazz,  Experimental music music,   Downtempo  music music, Leftfield,  Techno music music, Electro
Country: Brighton, UK
Album Release Date: 2010-2018
Album Type: WEB
Music Record Label: Tru Thoughts, Denovali Records
Codec: MP3 and FLAC tracks
Quality: MP3 320kbps CBR and FLAC Lossless
Playtime: 8:14:55

Hidden Orchestra is the solo studio project of multi-instrumentalist composer/producer Joe Acheson.
The albums and live shows feature a wide variety of guest musicians from all kinds of musical backgrounds.

If you like trance music and Electronic music albums,please visit http://trance-music.org and Download new Dance Music For free.Daily Update

Hidden Orchestra – Discography 2010-2018 MP3 320kbps CBR and Lossless :



2010 Night Walks:
2012 Archipelago:
2017 Dawn Chorus:
2018 Dawn Chorus Remixes

Compilations :

2015 Reorchestrations

Singles & EPs :

2011 Flight EP:
2013 Fourth Wall / The Revival:
2013 Archipelago Remixes:
2014 Archipelago Remixes Part 2:
2016 Wingbeats:
2017 Still:
2017 East London Street:
2017 Alyth:
2017 Wingbeats (Max Cooper Remix):
Joe Acheson (Solo)
2016 Marconi & the Lizard

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